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Things to do in Pekanbaru – Great Mosque An-Nur Pekanbaru

There are many things to do in Pekanbaru, the capital of Riau province in Sumatra, which is known as oil production center in Indonesia. Interestingly, Pekanbaru has gained the reputation as one of the cleanest large cities in Indonesia. It is among the three biggest cities in Sumatra after Medan and Palembang. Curently the city is rapidly developing, but still keeps its very unique architecture heritage featuring Malay culture. As other typical Southeast Asia cities, Pekanbaru is not exactly a tourist point but it plays role as transit spots for lots of tourist from Malysia or Singapore. It might be surprising for you to see how local people in Pekanbaru are truly friendly and helpful as city folks.

Pekanbaru also serves as one among the most well-known international airports in Sumatra that paves as a gateway to explore other areas of Sumatra. The city smacks right in the midsr of this big island serving a nice alternative to Medan which tends to be chaotic and overcrowded and are great things to do in Pekanbaru.

Things to do in pekanbaru – Getting around


Things to do in Pekanbaru

To find many things to do in Pekanbaru, getting around using several means of transportation is possible in Pekanbaru. There are taxis, bajaj (auto rickshaw), bus, oplet (share taxi), Trans Metro (bus rapid transit), and ojek (motorcycle taxi) that you can use. Actually Pekanbaru is not a main tourist spot despite being one among the most cosmopolitan cities of in Indonesia. However, if for some reasons you are in this city, there are some interesting places to get around in Pekanbaru.


Things to do in Pekanbaru – Riau Cultural Park

Among the most recommended things to do in Pekanbaru include visiting Sang Nila Utama Museum displaying some Riau cultural and historical collection located at Jendral Sudirman street. It is also interesting to visit Idrus Tintin Arts Hall and Soeman H.S. Regional Library, which arelocated at the same, it is also recommended to visit The Great Mosque of An-Nur, The Great Mosque of Pekanbaru, Lembah Sari Reservoir Park, Riau Cultural Park, Alam Mayang Park, Labersa Water Park, and Chinese-Malay Quarter.

What to See and Do in Pekanbaru


Things to do in Pekanbaru – Teluk Kuantan Festival

Doing sport are definitely recommended things to do in Pekanbaru. It will be a great experience for you to play golf at the Pekanbaru Golf Course Country Club, which is located at Kubang. Shopping can be a refreshing activity since there are There are at least 3 big malls in Pekanbaru. The two best of three are Mall Ciputra Seraya and Mall SKA.all of the three malls are well known locally. Hence, getting there for shopping should not be an issue. There are manyother malls as alternative such as Mall pekanbaru, Plaza Senapelan, Plaza Sukarami, Pasar Bawah/ pasr Wisata, and Plaza Citra.


Things to do in Pekanbaru – Durian fruit

Dining certainly is among the best things to do in pekanbaru. There are nice restaurants offering great foods such as Restoran Taman Anggrek, Pondok Samba Lado Hijau, Koki Sunda, RM Kota Buana, RM Kota Buana, Minang Soto, Apollo Seafood Restaurant, Riau Kuring, Pondok Gurih,and more. In addition you can delight delicious fruit called Durian at stalls along Sudirman street.

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