Getting a Peace of Mind in Pari Island Jakarta


Sparkling water in Pari Island Jakarta

Thousand Islands in the north sea of Jakarta are charming islands that will be great to be visited. There are small islands those can be visited for a little experience and fun. Amongst so many small islands, there are only 11 islands inhabited approximately 20.000 people. Pari island jakarta Jakarta is known as one of those islands to be found. This is one of the islands meant for tourism although that its facilities is not as complete as the ones in Pramuka Island. That being said, the island is a very good place where visitors can relax while enjoying the time passing by.

The History and Development of Pari island Jakarta


Pari island location map

At the beginning there is no one lived in the island. The island was known as an island for a department or research called LIPI. It is the department to research the habitats of the sea. It can still be found and visited by visitors who visit this small island in the south side of Thousand Islands. Right now, the island is developed to be one of tourism destination in the Thousand Islands because the island itself is very beautiful with the greenish blue sea water surrounding it and beautiful beaches.

Things to Do While Stay in Pari island Jakarta


Pari island beach

The small island like Pari island jakarta does really have many things to be offered. However, one thing that can truly be enjoyed is silence and peaceful time alone. In this island, there will be small resort that can be reached just by walking or biking about 5 minutes from the beach of Pasir Perawan. There will be small and simple café that will serve customers with refreshing coconut water while visitors are sitting and watch the beautiful tones of the sunset. Visitors can also visit Pasir Kresek beach that looks equally beautiful with Pasir Perawan beach.

Not too far from the beach, there is the mangrove groove that will protect the island from the hard hit of the wave when storm comes. Visitors may also spend time to look at the beautiful lagoon in the north side of the island. Visitors can walk in the lagoon or take a small boat to sail a little in it. Simply walking around and exploring every inch of the island is fun to be done by anyone. Sometimes, being alone without many things to do is fun and simply relaxing. Just focus on fun things that can be found.

Visitors may take their time for a diving or snorkeling in the clear water around the island. Biking or simply walking around this small island will also be very fun thing to be done while staying. Taking time to have BBQ is something very possible in this island. If visitors want to visit other islands, this will also be possible by hiring a boat from the locals who will also be willing to take the visitors to their destination islands for a visit. Pari island jakarta is relatively new as tourism destination but the island is worthy to be considered as a destination for when holiday comes.

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